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by Fellwalker

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I thought the end times Would be more crowded Lions laying down alongside lambs Dolphins swimming in Venetian canals The skies in China, blue It's someone's dream come true The cancellation of what Used to be important The separation of me & you The emptiness of promises I never thought I'd live to See the clearing away Of what we thought we knew It's like we cast a spell On ourselves In invisible ink And now it's turning blue
Time Moves 03:39
Some genie out of some bottle somewhere is saying "This is what I thought you asked for" And some genie somewhere else is saying "It doesn't work like that. It's not commensurate with anything you've ever said or done Anyone says it is, you tell 'em I said that they're in a fairy tale. You may as well say that somebody made beautiful picturesque glorious full moon just to make you break down crying And when you look up at the sky you see constellations..." And somebody's tearing out her hair, saying "Why is it (the one I cannot name) why is it always your way to show me what I used to have by taking it away?" Maybe it doesn't mean anything maybe it's empty of meaning and meaningless Empty of quality, empty of good or bad empty of anything meaningful, it's not an allegory Time moves in one direction for one reason just to keep us guessing so we won't get bored So we'll keep on wondering why for as long as we're alive
By the Ocean 04:05
Do you remember when We used to live in Philadelphia And we went walking one evening Through the Italian Market To find a cup of coffee And all the cafés were already shut But we saw a cat in a window Sitting on a pedestal draped in velveteen As if he were on display in a museum And I said When I get older If I get older I want to live by the ocean Will you come visit me there? We’ll have a cup of tea In the open air And we’ll remember when We used to live in Philadelphia Back when we were still in school But older than all the other kids The evening was divine So we kept on walking South to the Mexican cafés That were still open And I got a cup of coffee And we kept on walking And I said
Drive, drive your car over the bones of the dead You’re only doing what they did You’re just the same as them Taking up space like them, staying safe like them But you’re above ground instead You’re a busy bee, you have no time for sorrow You’re busy watching the unraveling of everything The roaring of lions The howling of wolves The raging of the stormy seas I hear the heavens opening But it feels like hell to me Oh I hear the markets opening But there’s nothing left to fight for to fight for to fight for So don’t you cry, hush-a-bye You’ll move through these quality times Without ever knowing why And you’ll never ever get out of this world alive I hear there’s a war on But there’s no enemy Oh they say somebody’s winning But there’s no victory Oh there never was anything to live for to live for to live for
Here & Now 03:10
The past is always imperfect The future is always conditional The manifest destiny of emptiness, Nothingness, lovely in its quietness lonely in its silence The end of the world as we know it And I could spend some Time alone Everything running out Until we find Until we find The present is always Here and now It’s always Inevitably Here and now It never was Anything but Here and now It’s a fallacy Of permanence Made manifest


These songs were written and recorded at our homes during the covid-19 lockdown.


released November 20, 2020

Written and performed by Cynthia Hopkins & James Lavino​

Drumming by Dave King (The Bad Plus)​

Mixing by Nick Krill (The War on Drugs, Dr Dog)

Mastering by Alex DeTurk (David Bowie, D'Angelo)


all rights reserved



Fellwalker Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Cynthia Hopkins & James Lavino bring you music from above the tree line.

Find us at fellwalkermusic.com

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